I Love Lucy in the Springtime


Mr. Baby contemplates what the heck all that white stuff is
Mr. Baby contemplates what the heck all that white stuff is and where it came from. December 2013.

Still snowed in? We missed this one. It hit Cedar and St George but we just got rain—go figure! We deserved to be missed after the December 2013 snow. I drove home in that blizzard–in the dark pulling a trailer full of horse feed (both ways)–and then had to shovel my way into the barn! Gawd! I got stuck (at the barn) with the god-damned trailer full of feed still hooked up, AND the god-damned dog locked the keys in the truck when she (who would not get out in the never-before seen 18″-deep snow) stepped on the all-door lock with the lights on and engine running. Oh fergodsake. I was about to leave her and the whole shebang there and walk the mile home through the knee-deep snow (both ways) when I envisioned her hitting the accelerator, tearing down a fence or two, and leading the horses on a chase through town and down the highway in the dark following her wake of spilled bran and hay pellets. Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ. My friend Lynne Cobb says that hearing about my day is like watching an I Love Lucy episode. And I don’t even make this stuff up!

I'm sure I don't know what Lynne is talking about.
I don’t know what Lynne is talking about.

Of course, five days later that snow storm turned truly deadly when it brought down the rock across the street that killed our friends Maureen and Jeff. Now, in the wake of every hard rain or heavy snow, I thank the gods for the moisture to grow grass, and spend alotta time away from the house.


5 thoughts on “I Love Lucy in the Springtime

  1. I am thrilled with the cameo!
    Still in Denver waiting for the granddaughter to arrive. Lela is now at 40.5 weeks.
    Miss you,

  2. Greer, you post made me laugh out loud (until it made me cry at the end.) Lela’s fate, though, doesn’t have me laughing. I didn’t even know it was possible to be 40.5 weeks pregnant! Yikes!

    1. Teresa, Yes, all the Cobb women, as it turns out, have had to be induced. One wonders if they’d ever give birth if nature was allowed to take its course! My own grandmother went 11 months with her 13th child, or so my mother told me, but that turned out to be a huge ovarian cyst! Remember, it was the 1920s. One wonders if they named it.

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